Utilizing Eye Catching Exhibits to Boost the Image of a Community Library

Technology is a great tool for saving time, social networking, and getting information quickly. One of the side effects of being too attached to modern technology is that it can make people less aware of what is going on in their communities or even right outside their front door. The problem many community centers and libraries face is that people are not interested in coming to a brick and mortar location when they can get the same information from the internet at the click of a button.

When people think of trade show exhibits and booths they only think of their child’s science fair cardboard tri-fold or the massive marketing conventions and trade shows. The same kind of eye catching exhibits that one might see at a trade show can help non-profit groups as well. Having a well designed exhibit can draw people out of their technology induced shells and back into their community.

Firing Up People’s Imaginations With Cultural Displays

Libraries around the nation have taken upon themselves the task of providing educational displays and exhibits for their communities. Not only can these displays showcase local artists and writers, but they can also help educate people about important historical events.

Just because an exhibit is shown in a library does not mean it must be staid and boring. On the contrary, if you can get people excited about entering your display booth, you will have a better chance of getting people interested in what you are teaching.

The New York Public Library system has 91 branches and has exhibits and displays year round. Each display captures the essence of an important cultural event. It could be argued that most people that have a strong sense of community would be interested in learning more about their borough’s heritage and peoples. The rich mixed cultures of New York perfectly lends itself to a successful system of library exhibits; other smaller library districts may struggle just to get people through the door to check out books, let alone make a special trip to see a display.

Marketing a Library Like a Business

All around the country libraries are losing funding and closing their doors. Using traditional market research techniques, a local library can get information pertinent to their survival. This includes creating a recognizable brand. Focusing on library patrons as customers may change how effective your brand is. Your library may need a new logo so that when you do order new banners, fabric displays, or custom displays, the brand will look clean and elegant, rather than amateurish and slapdash.

Once a library has ordered displays and banners, it can reserve a spot in a local trade show or community fair to showcase their new services. Eye catching and interactive displays like digital banners and hybrid displays may immediately change preconceived notions about libraries being straight laced and unexciting.

Changing the public perception of your library if it is struggling should be your first order of business. Getting people back out and involved in the community is not only beneficial for public works such as libraries, but it improves the strength of a community and adds meaning to people’s lives. Some people have forgotten how rewarding it can be to enter a library and get the right information from a flesh and blood person. An effective way of showcasing a library’s exhibits is with professionally designed and crafted displays. You do not necessarily need anything outrageous or extravagant; try a pop up display for easy mobility and quick setup. Libraries have always been about firing up imaginations. The directors and managers of today’s libraries just need their foot in the door, and a professionally crafted exhibited may be the edge that they need.